Jim Rogers started trading the stock market with $600 in 1968.In 1973 he formed the Quantum Fund with the legendary investor George Soros before retiring, a multi millionaire at the age of 37. Rogers and Soros helped steer the fund to a miraculous 4,200% return over the 10 year span of the fund while the S&P 500 returned just 47%.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Jim Rogers - Cashflow Your Gold 23 Jan 2017

Jim Rogers - 23 Jan 2017 - Owns Gold, Not Buying And Hedged Some 

Jim Rogers : in my view as a little trouble and he's he's a new  president I he said he's going to cut  taxes which is great for any other kind  he said he's going to build  infrastructure is great for any kind  especially like us where those  structures deteriorated dramatically  over the last 70 decade that the problem  is of course where's the money coming  from for all of this but if he does  these things that could be good for at 1:14 least for the economy and promotion 1:16 citizens as I said where's the money 1:18 coming from there's one problem another 1:21 situation is he has promised repeatedly 1:24 that he's going to put 45% trades and 1:28 tariffs on Japan and Mexico and other 1:31 people if he doesn't he says he's going 1:33 to do it the first place the first day 1:35 said that many many times he doesn't 1:38 trade wars have always been disastrous 1:40 for everybody not just the people 1:42 involved if he does that and we may have 1:45 a huge problems including bankruptcies 1:48 and eventually wore these are global 1:51 trend accelerating of populations all 1:54 over the world that is fed up with the 1:56 status quo in the ruling Claus 1:57 nationalism is rising and populist 2:00 movements are growing in popularity all 2:03 over the world from the pirate party in 2:06 Iceland the five star movement in Italy 2:08 the Donald Trump movement in the United 2:11 States the rising popularity of 2:13 presidential candidate marine lepen in 2:16 France and also the rising popularity of 2:19 presidential candidate in the 2:21 Netherlands head builders what is your 2:24 view on these movements 2:26 well the world's got serious problems 2:29 and and voters and not tell me people 2:32 who know it you know they may not have 2:34 the right answers or they may not know 2:35 what to do but when people have problems 2:37 and people are unhappy they vote for 2:40 something new it's throughout history 2:43 have had a man or a woman on a white 2:45 horse come riding in and say oh don't 2:48 worry I'll take care of these problems i 2:49 have some answers and uses simple 2:51 answers are easy answers but people 2:54 always liked the man on the White Horse 2:56 especially with the simple answers and 3:00 history tells us one thing is to be 3:02 careful of that man on the white horse 3:03 now after the initial breaks that shock 3:06 from the UK referendum markets corrected 3:09 sharply but then recovered and there's 3:12 been a sustained rarely off of US 3:15 presidential election and Trump victory 3:18 there are however problems that have not 3:20 been solved in the global economy 3:22 what is your outlook for the world 3:24 economy and markets in 2017 what got a 3:29 problem that they're getting worse 3:31 Japan is in recession already as they 3:33 say parts of your parts of America in 3:37 recession the world got serious problems 3:39 facing it 3:41 interest rates are going back up 3:42 interest rates will hurt a lot of people 3:45 will help somebody will hurt hurt more 3:48 people you have inflation rising again 3:51 so I'm not very optimistic about the 3:53 next two or three years i really enjoyed 3:56 your book hot commodities how anyone can 3:58 profitably invest in the world's best 4:00 market 4:01 what is your view on commodities like 4:03 gold and silver and other commodities in 4:06 2017 considering this possible inflation 4:10 that you mentioned i'm a very bad market 4:13 timer hubba-wha short-term trader joes I 4:17 have no idea about any any particular 4:20 year I angled I i am not buying gold but 4:24 gold for several years 4:25 I have hedged some of my goal that I own 4:29 yes go goes down note under 1000 us 4:33 I hope I'm smart enough to buy a lot 4:35 more a lot more gold other commodities 4:38 oil energy certainly making a 4:41 complicated bottom and 2015 16 17 but 4:46 what's that bottom is in place we'll see 4:48 higher energy prices like loaded with 4:50 most commodities and closure is 4:53 certainly depressed and I guess how the 4:55 most optimistic about agricultural 4:57 commodities in fact many of most asset 5:00 classes that is very interesting and 5:02 agriculture is something that not most 5:04 people are paying attention to now with 5:07 regards to the other favorite asset 5:09 claws of most investors realestate real 5:13 estate has certainly been frosting and 5:15 is that historically high prices in most 5:18 major cities 5:20 what is your current view on real estate 5:21 and a possible real estate bubble in 5:24 major cities globally 5:26 well it doubles are pretty much the same 5:28 throughout history come out of where 5:31 they are 5:31 yes you can see bubbles in some of 5:34 property markets in in the work and 5:36 history shows you sell them you don't 5:39 find on your bubbles going what is your 5:42 economic and market outlook for asia and 5:45 more specifically china and japan in 5:48 2017 5:50 well the world is continuing this soda 5:53 and having recessions which I said what 5:55 I don't know but it will be upset 5:57 China's one of the largest trading 5:59 countries in the world their customers 6:01 they're having problems that have popped 6:03 anybody in China who deals with the 6:05 outside world is going to have problems 6:08 and china now has a lot of debt to China 6:10 didn't have get four decades for many 6:13 reasons that you now so if you have to 6:16 get you going to see companies in China 6:17 which deal with the outside world which 6:19 have get you can go bankrupt that's 6:22 going to cause big surprises and shocks 6:24 not just in China of everywhere like 6:27 Liza pan and Japan is already in 6:29 recession according to the government so 6:31 the world facing some some serious 6:34 problems that family buddy slow down 6:36 it's really hard to escape that still 6:38 might 6:39 in Russia migration already beaten down 6:41 oil prices are rallying some might be 6:44 less badly hurt than others but you know 6:46 when the US and europe and japan at 6:49 problem and China problems everybody has 6:51 problems mister rogers I've read and 6:54 studied your books and followed your 6:56 work in your career with interest and 6:58 you shared some amazing advice and 7:00 lessons with audiences all over the 7:02 world 7:03 what is one particular lesson that you 7:06 think is incredibly important that you 7:08 have learned and wanted to share with my 7:10 listeners acceptable ended then clean it 7:14 out so difficult thing create yourself 7:17 and go against her out but normally you 7:19 can think for yourself and figure out I 7:22 didn't only what everybody says it's not 7:24 correct the probably going to be 7:27 successful in the marketing intern you 7:29 try to do your writers and actor sports 7:33 and whatever you've had some amazing 7:36 adventures and travels two of them 7:38 recorded in the guinness book of world 7:40 records 1 by motorcycle covering over a 7:43 hundred thousand miles across six 7:45 continents and another trip in a 7:48 customer cds through a hundred and 7:50 sixteen countries covering about 245,000 7:54 kilometers 7:55 I've found the lessons that you have 7:57 learned by gathering boots-on-the-ground 7:59 information are extremely valuable and 8:03 one valuable lesson is that the black 8:05 market is indispensable to once insight 8:09 into a country if there's a black market 8:11 and the currency is trading at a big 8:13 premium to the official right you know 8:16 that there's a problem but you don't 8:18 know what the problem is and you still 8:19 need to figure out what the problem is 8:22 and i also enjoyed the other lesson that 8:24 you shared that by speaking with someone 8:28 that is involved with the black market 8:30 and a black marketer you really will 8:33 develop a better understanding of the 8:36 country itself and then by also looking 8:38 at the state of the roads are the 8:40 traffic lights are their proper shops 8:42 are there real hotels 8:45 what other indicators do you look for to 8:47 identify opportunities when you're 8:50 gathering boots-on-the-ground 8:51 information 8:52 well I mentioned one and that is what 8:55 everybody's thinking the same way that 8:57 probably somebody's not think you should 8:59 really stop this right now wait a minute 9:01 could all these people be right because 9:04 very Larry and history have everybody 9:07 then right at the same time so if you 9:09 can figure out a way to be intended and 9:12 think it through and think around the 9:14 corners you're probably going to be 9:16 successful if you look at a lot of 9:19 history were seeing it no matter what 9:21 people think it anytime 10-15 years 9:25 later is totally wrong that everything 9:27 has changed you pretending they're in 9:29 history 1800 tooth out anything you want 9:32 to fit 15 years later the world is 9:34 totally different 9:35 so if you can realize that until you 9:38 want everybody absolutely certain that 9:40 something like to happen in colonial 9:43 publicly and satisfied opportunities 9:45 your book a gift to my children a father 9:48 selection for life and investing is one 9:51 of my favorite books and since the show 9:53 is not just about money but by pressing 9:56 down a set of values and principles to 9:58 future generations if you cannot 10:01 possibly down money to future 10:02 generations but are allowed to boss on 10:05 three values and principles to them to 10:08 build walls and achieve happiness and 10:09 success 10:10 what would they be what I'm trying to 10:13 teach my daughter's I have to go jency 10:15 not trying to teach them to think 10:17 independently it to be very curious 10:19 about everything and no matter how I 10:22 center obscure it maybe transportation 10:26 to be aware of always another few 10:28 lessons that young people mr. Rogers 10:32 thank you so much for coming on the show 10:34 and sharing your knowledge and output 10:36 for 2017 I've learned so much from you 10:39 over the years through your books and I 10:41 really appreciated the opportunity to 10:43 speak with you 10:45 thank you and let's do it again sometime 10:48 hi this is MC large shirt the host of 10:52 the cash loan in Japan cost 10:54 as you may know I'm also the president 10:57 and chief wall strategist of all hollow 11:00 well financial we help individuals 11:02 families small businesses entrepreneurs 11:06 and professionals put their wealth 11:08 outside of Wall Street and help 11:11 investors maximize the use of every 11:13 dollar in their personal economy and 11:15 boost their investment games we do this 11:18 by combining their capital and 11:20 investment with a financial vehicle of 11:23 the wellness according to the infinite 11:25 banking concept if you are interested in 11:28 learning more you can email me at info 11:30 at cashflowdiary.com and i will send you 11:34 a copy of Nelson ashes book becoming 11:37 your own banker thank you for joining my 11:40 guest Jim Rogers and myself on the cash 11:43 flow ninja podcast today if you like 11:45 what you hear and appreciate what we're 11:46 trying to build your at the cash flow 11:48 ninja plz subscribe right and review our 11:50 show on iTunes and share our show with 11:53 family friends and your network 11:55 I've been really humbled by your support 11:57 and feedback and if there's any way that 11:58 I can provide more valued to you and 12:00 serve you better 12:01 please reach out to me at info at 12:03 cashflowdiary.com don't forget to take 12:06 advantage of the offers from our 12:07 partners that aims to empower you to be 12:10 healthy wealthy and wise our healthy 12:12 partner on it provides supplements 12:14 nutrients and earth grown foods and 12:16 fitness equipment to help you achieve 12:18 your next level of well-being and total 12:20 human optimization our listeners can get 12:22 a 10-percent discount with coupon code 12:24 get on it at cash loan ninja health.com 12:27 how wealthy partner fun rise gives 12:30 everyone the opportunity to invest 12:32 directly in high quality real estate 12:34 without the moment sunrise makes the 12:36 process of investing in the highest 12:37 quality commercial real estate from 12:39 around the country simple efficient and 12:42 transparent you can get started with as 12:44 little as a thousand dollars and do not 12:46 have to be an accredited investor to 12:48 participate in some of their offerings 12:50 you can check them out at cashland Joe 12:52 wealth dot-com a wise partner audible 12:56 offers a free audiobook download when 12:58 you try audible for 30 days you can 13:00 download your free audiobook at cash 13:02 loan in your book dot-com that's our 13:05 show for today everyone until next time 13:07 have a life of pain 13:08 mission and purpose on your terms you 13:13 have been listening to a cash loan 13:14 engine with your host MC loud the 13:17 podcast empowering and inspiring people 13:20 to discover how to generate their own 13:22 income and manage grow and protect their 13:25 own wealth in the new economy show notes 13:29 and resources are available on our 13:31 website cash flow ninja this 13:35 presentation is for educational and 13:37 informational purposes home the 13:39 information being presented and 13:40 considered does not consider your 13:42 particular financial objectives of 13:44 situation and it does not make 13:46 personalized recommendations 13:47 this material is not intended to replace 13:49 the advice of a qualified tax and legal 13:51 advisor or other qualified professional 13:54 and you should not use the information 13:55 in place of a customized consultation 13:58 with a licensed professionals regarding 14:00 your specific personal financial 14:02 objectives situation indeed we believe 14:04 the information provided is reliable 14:06 we do not guarantee its accuracy finally 14:09 complete

Jim Rogers started trading the stock market with $600 in 1968.In 1973 he formed the Quantum Fund with the legendary investor George Soros before retiring, a multi millionaire at the age of 37. Rogers and Soros helped steer the fund to a miraculous 4,200% return over the 10 year span of the fund while the S&P 500 returned just 47%.

Jim Rogers "the 19th century was the century of the UK , the 20th century was the century of the US , the 21 st century is going to be the century of China "
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