Jim Rogers started trading the stock market with $600 in 1968.In 1973 he formed the Quantum Fund with the legendary investor George Soros before retiring, a multi millionaire at the age of 37. Rogers and Soros helped steer the fund to a miraculous 4,200% return over the 10 year span of the fund while the S&P 500 returned just 47%.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jim Rogers : The Situation in Europe is getting out of control

Jim Rogers : The solution Jeff to too much spending and too much debt is not more spending and more debt , if you look at all the projections from all the European countries they all show that debt is going to be higher next year higher and higher the year after that nobody shows debt going down , The Situation in Europe is getting out of control and it is already out of control in the US , you got to have to take your pain sometimes Jeff , if you did it now you could ring fence everybody , some banks will survive but the system would survive , but Jeff right now government have some credibility and some ammunition left at least in Europe if you wait a year or two or five when the market forces you to deal with reality then the countries and the banks have no credibility they're out of control and the whole system gets crushed . I'd rather take the pain now then when the market forces have to take the pain and that could be the end of the system .......- in CNBC
Jim Rogers "the 19th century was the century of the UK , the 20th century was the century of the US , the 21 st century is going to be the century of China "
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