Jim Rogers started trading the stock market with $600 in 1968.In 1973 he formed the Quantum Fund with the legendary investor George Soros before retiring, a multi millionaire at the age of 37. Rogers and Soros helped steer the fund to a miraculous 4,200% return over the 10 year span of the fund while the S&P 500 returned just 47%.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The FED already started QE3

Jim Rogers : ..the FED is already backing the market , back in the first week of August when Mr Bernanke announced that he is going to keep interest rates low for two years , if you get out to numbers you will see that unadjusted M2 shot up at the same time , he is in the Market Jeff he is lying to us again , they're there you cannot just say 'I am going to keep interest rates low for two years ' you have to do something , you think it is that easier if you said that , I can say Jeff you are going to be rich next week or in two years it doesn't work that way he is in the market , when you prop up the money supply the only way you can do that is to buy something he is in there buying something and he is lying about it...- in CNBC
Jim Rogers "the 19th century was the century of the UK , the 20th century was the century of the US , the 21 st century is going to be the century of China "
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